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In July 2005, PT KD HEAT TECHNOLOGY INDONESIA was established with aim in responding customers needs by machine and equipments which have it's own characteristics to mainly service in high frequence induction heating process, carburizing heating process, etc. We always strive to the organization ready for giving satisfaction in terms of quality, delivery and price.

Now, The motorcycle in Indonesia became a leading one in the world which produce over than 15 million units yearly. In future , from the potential dimension belongs to this country, it's expected that the motorcycle industry growth still. As a result, the range of industry will show it's expansion and the development, and accompany this expansion & the development, the universality of technical needs of metal heat treatment be highly required.

PT KD HEAT TECHNOLOGY INDONESIA here in Indonesia will dig the technology of heat treatment process deeper, to give a part of contribution in Indonesia, and continue to make every effort to support industrial growth of Indonesia. We highly appreciate a continuous support and guidance henceforth

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Masaki Kondo

(021) 8911 5109

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